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We all know that bigger is not necessarily healthier. Hearing protection should also be judged on the same terms. Louder does not needfully mean more flushed sound quality. Proper hearing protection is critical to safekeeping the nerves in your pinnas good and able to express sound signals through the nerve pathways to your head so you can better visualize and savour the reality around you.

The ears are designed to decipher sounds. This includes helping us understand when we are in danger and when we should be rejoycing. Made up of three parts: the outer capitulum, the midway ear, and the integral ear, the ear metamorphoses shakings in the air into electric pulses that are, in turn, passed or communicated to the brain as signals through the neural nerve pathways from the ear. Hurt to any of the pieces of the ear can result in hearing harm and/or hearing loss.

If we get a cold or are feeling week, it is generally understood that in such circumstances we take some form of medication, so then, so should be the case when we are listening to lound music

Our human instinct is to protect against anything that could potentially damage our well being A three-year-old child will do nearly the same thing when exposed to a loud noise. The youngster automatically covers his ears with his hands. These are normal self-defense mechanisms kicking in. They are protecting their ears from a position that is potentially destructive.

The older we are the less likely we are to listen to anyone else. But that does not negate the importance of them. We sometimes need to relearn the fundamental principle of self-preservation. Remembering that overly loud noises activate the impetus to dull or deflect out the sound is a clear signal that you need to "cover your ears".

There are many ways to protecting your hearing. This can be acheived by wearing a pair of low-cost ear plugs or even cotton wool to cover the ears. You can now buy hearing protection for a range of sports and also to help when going out clubbing etc. These ear plugs are really quite discrete and can be bought from most chemists or even at the suppermarkets

Hearing is one sense that together with the other 4 help us enjoy our lives. Protecting your ears and your hearing ensures that you keep this important sense healthy and intact. Contact a health professional dealing in hearing to choose the proper hearing protection needed.

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Hmmm. Isn't sound vibration? And the interpretation of those vibrations (or sound waves) the thought process?

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